Here you can see the logo of Phantom Clothing. It contains a dad man hanging from a tree. Here you can see the text-logo of Phantom Clothing.

Phantom Clothing

This is the logo of phantom clothing.


Phantom Clothing is a project that comes from Nils De Bolle and Xylian Cocquyt.

Nils and Xylian met in their fifth year of school, they were classmates, both of them studied Informatics at the time. Eventually they moved on with their bussiness and made it grow...
PHTM started in 2019, at the time of writing they sold 10 hoodies so far!

The first ever hoodie they made was the one called "Hanging Man".


Xylian Cocquyt

18 years old
From Ghent

Life quote

If something stands between you and your goals, move it. Never be denied.


Design, Coding and more.

Nils De Bolle

17 years old
From Affligem

Favorite Size



Design, Clothes and more.

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We are no beggars, but if you do feel like supporting us you can send money via paypal.
Our paypal adress is: